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Endiya Beginnings

Endiya’s Beginnings

Endiya Partners was founded with the vision of enabling the third wave of Indian entrepreneurship, led by scalable product companies. This followed the first wave of service-based companies and the second wave of consumer internet, e-commerce, and marketplaces.

Since its inception, Endiya has remained committed to its mission of identifying and backing exceptional entrepreneurs with deep technical expertise and a clear vision for building IP led product companies.

We are Thematic Investors

As a thematic early-stage fund, we focus on being able to identify and capitalize on long-term, market-creating trends ahead of others.

Our approach is informed by our team's meaningful experience and knowhow in the industries we invest in, enabling us to provide our portfolio companies with not only financial support but also operational guidance and strategic insights.

We are not a "spray and pray" investor. Instead, we focus our resources on a select number of companies that we believe have the potential to be transformative.

We are Thematic
Our Perspective

The world as we know it is changing and we’re helping lead this transformation.

Digital Industry and Intelligent Mobility

We believe that the convergence of technology and industry has opened new opportunities for growth, and we focus on investing in companies that are at the forefront of this change. We are excited about the potential of the digital industry and intelligent mobility, where the adoption of advanced technologies such as edge computing, AI, and blockchain is transforming industries and supply chains. We see this as an inflection point for the mobility industry, where new intelligent supply chains are emerging.

Digital Health and Life Sciences

With the potential of digital therapeutics and AI-enabled diagnostic tools, we believe that this space is poised for transformation. We see significant growth potential in areas such as MedTech, advanced therapies, and biological engineering, where advancements in computation and bioengineering are changing how we diagnose, treat, and manage diseases.

Enterprise Digital Adoption

We also see significant upside in enterprise digital adoption, where the COVID-19 pandemic, global geopolitical situation, climate change, increasing interoperability and regulation have altered the pace of digital transformation.

We Walk in Early and Write the First Cheque

Our team has a proven track record of identifying disruptive startups early and helping them scale. Finally, we believe that early-stage investing is not just about financial returns, but also about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs who are driving innovation and growth.

As first institutional investors, we take on the highest risk and work closely with founders to build great companies. We have strong conviction in our investment thesis and the founders we back. We partner with entrepreneurs who have a strong vision, deep domain expertise, and the ability to execute.

We walk in early

We are Operator VCs

At Endiya, we take pride in our hands-on approach to investing. Our team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and operators with experience in building and scaling successful businesses. As an operator VC or a co-founder VC (as we like to call it), we leverage our collective expertise to actively partner with our portfolio companies and support them throughout their growth journey.

We work alongside founders as true partners, helping them with critical decisions around strategy, hiring, fundraising, and more. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies achieve their full potential by providing them with the resources, network, and experience they need to succeed.

We are operator
Talent Management
Hiring to fill gaps in the core team
Marketing & PR
Crafting strategies to enhance your brand visibility
Product & Technology
Meaningful product insights
Customer Acquisition
Relevant sales leads and expansion
Market Access
Facilitating entry into US, SE Asia, and MENA markets, unlocking international opportunities
Business Planning
Planning for sustainable, competitive, and profitable growth
Public Policy
Policy advisory and support
Follow-on Funding
Strategic guidance and connects for securing follow-on funding