Priyanka Mishra and Sateesh Andra
June 28, 2023
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BluJ Aerospace: Pioneering the Future of Intelligent Mobility

BluJ Aerospace: Pioneering the Future of Intelligent Mobility

The future of the mobility industry in India is extraordinarily promising. As the nation's requirements evolve, visionary entrepreneurs are stepping up to meet these needs. BluJ Aerospace, an innovative start-up based in Hyderabad, is making waves with its ground-breaking endeavours in smart mobility solutions.

Much has already been written about urban transportation technology such as the Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (e-VTOL) aircraft. These future air taxis are projected to evolve into something akin to a regional bus or a city metro. It may seem as though we're getting ahead of ourselves, especially since the world has yet to solve the energy density and recharging infrastructure issues that today's electric vehicles face. However, that's likely because you haven't heard of BluJ, Endiya Partners’ most recent investment, which reaffirms our bullish outlook on Deep tech solutions and our stance on the future of intelligent mobility. BluJ is developing the first long-range VTOL aircraft powered by a Hydrogen hybrid propulsion engine and holds the IP on the H2-Electric Hybrid propulsion system architecture and the lightweight storage system for compressed hydrogen, among others.

The founders of BluJ Aerospace, Amar Sri Vatsavaya and Utham Kumar, left senior roles in prestigious aerospace and electronics companies such as Boeing, Collins Aerospace, GE Research, and Cyient. They did this because they understood the unmet needs of the mobility market and believed they had superior solutions to offer. Alongside other team members with extensive aerospace expertise, such as Pawan Kumar, founder of Skyroot Aerospace, and Padmashree Gnanagandhi, former Programme Director of ISRO, they are building BluJ Aerospace. This dedicated team's vision is to reduce travel time, transportation costs, and the negative impact of transport vehicles on the climate—all this using engineering talent and manufacturing capabilities within India.

BluJ offers several advantages with its innovative solutions:

  1. BluJ's aircraft, a hybrid model, merges both electric and Green Hydrogen fuel technology. Unlike entirely electric VTOLs, BluJ's hybrid aircraft boasts double the cargo payload capacity and a striking three times longer range capability.
  2. The Indian government's Green Hydrogen mission is geared towards reducing the cost of Hydrogen. BluJ aligns with this mission by employing a Hydrogen hybrid engine, resulting in a substantial 30% reduction in long-term operational costs compared to hybrid electric propulsion engines.
  3. BluJ stands to benefit from recent regulatory changes in India, particularly the relaxation of drone regulations. Moreover, the government's support for startups through grants and initiatives like Innovations for Defence Excellence works in BluJ's favour. BluJ's Zero aircraft meets the criteria for drone classification in India, with a restricted take-off mass of 500 kg.
  4. In comparison to traditional air cargo operations, BluJ’s Zero aircraft offers faster delivery times and a reduction of INR 0.2 per kg-km in total operating costs.
  5. Potential clients for BluJ, including large organizations and government entities, prioritize sustainability solutions. This provides an advantage to BluJ, whose founding team champions sustainability, a commitment reflected seamlessly in their aircraft models.
  6. Electric UAVs have proven effective for border security and law enforcement purposes. BluJ's autonomous unmanned VTOL aircraft is particularly well-suited for various defence operations, making it an ideal choice in this field.

Though BluJ’s competitors in the cargo and passenger segments globally are slightly ahead in terms of conducting their pilots, BluJ is hot on their heels. Its all-electric prototype is scheduled for demonstration in Q3 of 2023, with its inaugural test flight set for Q2 of 2024.

BluJ’s production cost advantage is significant, with costs coming in a remarkable 50% cheaper than its rivals. This advantage stems from BluJ's decision to keep engineering and manufacturing processes in-house within India, thereby streamlining operations and reducing costs. This cost reduction gives BluJ a game-changing edge over competitors and sets it apart as an industry front-runner. The combination of lower production costs and efficient operational capabilities positions BluJ as a force to be reckoned with within the market.

The BluJ team is embarking on an incredible journey filled with boundless possibilities. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their dream soar to new heights. The future is especially exciting if we can usher in an era of faster, more sustainable, efficient, and cheaper means of smarter mobility for India and the world.